About Compu-Home

We started as a family team and we still pride ourselves with our combination of experience and common sense. We have been helping people with their home and business technology needs for nearly two decades.


John Harding is the original founder and owner of Compu-Home.  John does a lot of the one-on-one instruction that clients find helpful, and also does some house calls.  He knows his way around the workshop, too.


Malcolm Harding is the Compu-Home person who is mostly likely to come to your home or business.  Malcolm has taken over ownership of Compu-Home, and is our resident expert on hardware, software, networking and Internet.  We think that one of Malcolm’s most useful traits is his resourcefulness in solving the unusual and tricky problems that arise from time to time.


Fran Harding is a person you may be talking to when you call Compu-Home.  Fran takes care of our scheduling and records, and keeps everyone organized.