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Things change. That state-of-the-art machine that you bought just a few years ago may now seem to be struggling to keep up with your needs.  We can assess whether more RAM might speed things up, or maybe a larger hard disk to accommodate all those vacation photos might be a worthwhile addition.

We won’t advise you to waste money on a machine that’s not worth it anymore, but we have the experience to help you decide on strategic upgrades that might help you get a few more years out of it, and avoid having to shop for a new one prematurely.

We also help you get the most out of all your peripheral equipment: cameras, PDAs, printers, scanners. We can get these devices properly configured and integrated into your system.

Most of our hardware services are carried out on-site, including some upgrades and installations. With some kinds of problems it saves you time and expense if we take your computer back to our workshop, so that we can deal with it more efficiently there