Services | What Makes Us Special

We’re Working for You

Compu-Home doesn’t sell equipment, and we’re not associated with any vendor. Our purchase recommendations are always unbiased and objective, and will only have your needs in mind. We also don’t apply a markup to purchases we make on behalf of our customers.

In-Home Service

Problems can usually be diagnosed much faster on site. You don’t have to disconnect your equipment and lug it to a shop, so you’re back in action faster. Most of our services are carried out on-site, including:

  • Hardware upgrades
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Installing and configuring peripherals
  • Wireless and wired networks setup, with security
  • Email glitches corrected
  • Virus detection and removal
  • …and more.

With some kinds of problems it may save you time and expense if we take your computer back to our workshop, so that we can deal with it more efficiently there. In that case, we can sometimes provide you with a loaner computer for you to use in the mean time.

How We Work

What happens when you call Compu-Home? Here are the stages of a typical appointment:

  1. Thorough telephone discussion of your problem or requirement, with no obligations.
  2. If we can suggest corrective action on the spot, we will — problem solved, at no charge!
  3. For other problems where an appointment is required, we will arrange a specific appointment time that’s convenient for you — not a half-day window! We always attempt to find a same-day or next-day appointment, if our schedule permits.
  4. Compu-Home arrives at your premises. Our labour charge begins when the work starts – no charge for travel time.
  5. We diagnose the problem and consult with you regarding the most efficient and economical solution.
  6. Agreed work is completed.
  7. Explanation of what was required and best future practices.
  8. Problem solved!