We have modified our services and are still open to help you safely with problems on Computers, Mobile Devices, Internet, Email and related issues. Call or write to us to discuss details. 613-731-5954 or info@compu-home.com

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?

A New Service and a New Idea

Ordinary people who use computers in their homes and businesses sometimes need a consultant too, just like big corporations, but at a price that’s reasonable for everybody.

Experienced and Personal

We’re a family team with a combination of experience and common sense, and we have been helping people with their home and business computers for over a decade.

In Home Service

Problems can usually be diagnosed much faster on site. You don’t have to disconnect your equipment and lug it to a shop, so you’re back in action faster.

Our Clients Say…

Thank you for the superlative job you did for my daughters.  Your professionalism was evident in solving their computer woes, and additionally your fees were extremely reasonable.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends - a sentiment which is shared by my girls.


Thank you for your swift, expert, good-humoured service.  It’s such a relief to know you’re out there ready to swoop in & help.

Elizabeth, Richard & Jonathan

I have been delighted with Malcolm’s assistance in buying a replacement computer and setting it up. Your help has been prompt and efficient, and you helped me save a significant amount of money.


In all the time Malcolm has been helping me, I especially appreciate how he explains things clearly, without making me feel stupid.